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PUMA - Peking University Mountaineering Association

We are people d'avant garde of mountaineering and rock-climbing in China and our club, PUMA, was founded on April 1 in 1989.

Our focused activities include alpine mountaineering, rock-climbing, ice-climbing, camping, hiking and lectures on natural reservation or outdoor activities. A long period as it was, PUMA has become the top 1 campus sports club in Peking University , and probably even in China. Every summer holidays, we have the expeditions of climbing snow-mountains in west area, such as Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai, and the mountains that we reached the summits include Mt.Yuzhu (6,178m), Mt.Muztagta (7,546m), the central peak of Mt.Nyainqentangulla (7,117m), Mt.Geladaindong (6,621m), Mt.Noijinkangsang (7,201m) and Mt.Anyemaqen (6,282m). Our members also left their footsteps on the peaks abroad China, such as Mt.McKinley in North America, Mt.Aconkagua in South America, Mt.Brown in Europe and so on.

This year, we have created a new record to hit the peak of Mt.Cho Oyu (8,201m), the sixth highest mountain in the world. We choose such a way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peking University and hope that more and more people will join us climbing the mountains and calling for environment protection in China.

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Who's Who - People Portfolio

Most of us are graduates from Peking University with varied academic background. However, PUMA and mountaineering are our identified choices on campus. If you are a member of PUMA and want to be listed here, just e-mail me!

  • Leizi (Chen Xuelei)
    Department in PKU: Physics, Grade '88
    Experiences: Mt.Laji in Qinghai, China and Mt.McKinley in US

  • Xu Gang
    Department in PKU: Physics, Grade '89
    Experiences: Mt.Muztagata in Xinjiang (1991, 1993) and Mt.Nyainqentangulla in Tibet (1992)

  • Ben (Xie Zhong)
    Department in PKU: Philosophy, Grade '90
    Experiences: Mt.Muztagata in Xinjiang (1993) and Mt.Geladaindong in Qinghai (1994)

  • Xu Min
    Department in PKU: Physics, Grade '91
    Experience: Mt.Muztagata in Xinjiang (1993), Mt.Geladaindong in Qinghai(1994) and Mt.Cho Oyu in Tibet (1998)

  • Zhang Qin
    Department in PKU: Computer Science, Grade '92
    Experiences: Mt.Geladaindong in Qinghai (1994) and Mt.Noijinkangsang in Tibet (1995)

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