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Mountaineering Organizations in China

The official mountaineering organizations and private compnies in China with their contacting methods. Click here to see them.

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In west China lies the Pamirs and the Tibetan Plateau, the latter being called Roof of the World. Many famous peaks in the world cluster here. Nine of the fourteen high peaks of 8,000 meters (ASL) stand in China, not to mention the inenumerable ones of 7,000 meters and 6,000 meters in height. There are Mt.Everest (8,848 meters) , the highest peak on the earth, and Mt. Qogir (K2) , the second highest. Thus , west China , for many years, has been the focus of all over the world mountaineers' attention.

Our mountain guide includes most famous and representative peaks in China, giving detailed account of their geological, geographical and climatic features, climbing cases and routes with exquisite photoes and maps. Select a region to find your desired mounatins now:
  • Tibet
    Mt.Everest, Cho Oyu, Xixabangma, Makaru, Noijinkangsang, Nyainqentanglha and more...

  • Xinjiang
    K2 (Mt.Qoqir), Broad, Muztagata, Gasherburn, Kongur and more...

  • Qinghai
    Mt.Geladaindong, Anyemaqen, Yuzhu Feng and more...

  • Sichuan
    Mt.Gongga, Siguliang Shan and more...

  • Yunnan
    Mt.Moirigkawagarbo and Yulong Snow Mountain ...

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